Urbandev collects and interlinks people with stories, personal profiles and diverse skills, to face contemporary city challenges through a holistic and integrated approach. 

We want to activate people who are part of the Urbandev network and, at the same time, activate local community within the urban transformation processes. The city user turns into an active protagonist by using the smart city, contributing to the regeneration, the reduction of urban vulnerability and to the improvement of the resilience.



Urbandev mission is within the field of architecture and engineering services – urban plans and projects based on innovative methodologies and technologies developed within the research activities.

Urbandev projects are not just isolated cases, but they are elements of an entire vision about the future city, andcan be connected to other projects, like the tiles of a mosaic.We want to reinterpret the architecture and the city starting from rethinking in a smart way the activities and the human relationships, by setting the improvement of urban quality of life as the main goal.



Urbandev is a network of competences, which overcomes the traditional approach “command and control” thanks to capacity in activating processes and promoting networks, which stress on the lateral dimension within urban plans and projects. 

We want to network the different networks, to respond the application of sustainable, resilient and advanced in technologies cities, as worldwide population needs, which mostly lives in urbanized areas – reaching proportions of 90% for the most advanced societies and for the biggest urban metropolis.


Urbandev studies the cities as the main characters within the environmental, social, and economic sustainable development – for the resilience, competitiveness improvement and quality of urban life improvement.

The innovation technology is advancing much faster than the urban community ability to enjoy this potential and, for this reason, we should work on both the physical infrastructural city and functional relationships city. The tools are the urban plans and projects, based on process innovation and research, interacting with stakeholders, shareholders e policy makers.